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Disclaimer1: this is a site focused on the experiential adventures that FPV and mini Drones provide.  This site captures the action and the beauty of the outside, the First Person View (FPV) that these quads provide, and a different bird’s-eye view of the world that we do not ordinarily observe.  So, this is not a site that will be focused on pithy and long-winded dissertations.  That is not who I am or what I want of this site.

My goal is to showcase the beauty and fun associated with the entire FPV and Drone scenes. Oh, I am hoping to get to know some really cool people and read / hear of your own adventures.  Cheers!

Disclaimer2: OK, I will be honest, I have other content on this site from my other hobbies, especially woodworking.  I provide a lot of images and descriptions for executing the steps for each part of the project build.  See the Sunroom Table Project.  I hope you enjoy that, too.

Fall Swamp

This is fall 2020 and is an image of from flying my Mavic Mini around the park. This swamp’s color is amazing each fall and is so beautiful!

Frozen Ice Chunks

This image comes from visiting our friends cottage on Burt Lake. We were up there during January 2021. With the warmer weather, the ice block up and re-froze in this configuration!

In the Country

Flying at one of my favorite FPV locations in the countryside outside of Ann Arbor, I caught this nice image that combines the beauty of the woods with the country road.

Not all those who FPV are lost.

John Hoinville, 2020

FPV is a lifestyle and fulfills a dream to be one with the birds and sky…

Once you learn to FPV, you are no longer bounded by the earth, but you have real freedom to explore!

Some Amazing images from 2020!

A few of my YouTube videos

Take a look at a few videos from my YouTube Channel.  I have over a hundred videos there from the beginning to now.  The link is: John Hoinville. If you like what you see, subscribe to my Channel.  Thanks!!!

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  1. John your work is wonderful. I always knew you and Jay would be successful and talented. Congratulations!! Do you sell any of your work?

    1. Thanks for the compliment. Do I sell any of my work?… Lol! Not yet. My wife Lisa has priority right now, but I think I will open an Etsy account and put some of my work there to see whether anyone will buy it. 🙂

      How are you doing and where are you living? How has life treated you?

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