20201017 / Table Update / Start Dimensioning the Oak Lumber

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First Pass at Dimensioning the Oak for the Table Top

The wood has been sitting for over 6 months in the base.  At this point in time, I want to start dimensioning the wood so that it is close to the final thickness of the tabletop.  I want to get the newly exposed wood climatized to the basement to ensure that when I finally start building the tabletop, it will not cup or bow. 

The first image shows the intended layout for the wood:

  • Two leaves for the main table setup
  • Middle Leaf for large groups of people.  My wife, Lisa, wants the table to open to be square within the space of the Sun Room.  I will have the table open to become wider rather than longer.
There are also some imperfections in the wood.  The biggest issue is the loose knots in the boards.  To fix this issue I epoxied the holes to stabilize the wood and create a design element.  We will see.  BTW, I am using option 2, since I want the closed table to fit correctly in the room (Rectangular rather than square).
Here is the layout for the table top.
Layout out the pieces and selecting locations

Gallery Showing first pass at Dimensioning Preparing the Lumber

Here is a series of images from the initial dimensioning of the lumber.  Once this is done, I will let the wood site for a couple of months to aclimate more.

What do you think?