Started the year FPVing in Albion! (January 2, 2021)

The day started Albion College

The start of the Day...

Next we headed to Victory Park

We ended up finding a location that wasn’t soaking wet and had some great tree diving.  After some nice FPV flying, we got the DJI Mavik Mini (me) and AIR (JAY) and did a little exploring of the park…👊 🤟 🙏🏻

Bringing it in for a landing…

We ended the day flying out in the country...

We are amateurs! We are trying to get the follow me feature working, but ended up not doing it (until later), due to the tree foliage being pretty low and not having the time to figure out the software from DJI.  In the moment, we almost hit each other trying to fly down the lane.

Here are the two DJI Maviks (Air and Mini).

Of course, it looks like Jay’s is bigger than mine. 😂. 🧐


I stopped off of I-94 and was able to get the follow me feature working.  I love the way when I start going faster and the drone cannot keep up, it does keep me centered in the video.👍

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