FPV Bucket List

Fly a Wind Turbine

  • Date: 8/14/2018
  • Location: South-east of Cadillac, MI
  • Who: John Hoinville

Here is my Bucket List of things that I want to do with my drone. These come from either seeing another flyer do the feat or just something that I wanted to do.  To me, these are experiences that are just cool and make me happy.  

  1. Fly around a Water Tower
  2. Fly down a skyscraper
  3. Fly around a crane
  4. Fly Hannover Convention Center (Liftoff) in real life
  5. Fly in the Alps
  6. Fly a Smoke Stack
  7. Be driven in a car while flying a drone.
  8. Capture yourself driving down the road from the Mavick Mini
  9. Fly near the Mackinaw Bridge
  10. Fly some of the Le Drib Detroit locations / Locate them first and then fly them.

Note: More to be added as I get more creative.  🙂

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