Nadiya Hussain’s Teriyaki Chicken Noodles

We watched the show (our food porn!) last week on February 18 and really thought this would be really tasty.  We didn’t have all of the materials or all of the correct ones, but went ahead anyway.  We replaced the rice noodles with another brown chinese style noodle and didn’t have all of the garnishes that we called for in the dish.

What we thought:

  • Flavor was great!
  • The other noodles didn’t taste as great as what we thought they would.  They also fell apart too easily.
  • The dish did come together while being baked.
  • As leftovers, the noodles really fell apart, but the flavors were still bright and tasty.
  • Extremely easy to make!

In the future, we will make sure we have the right noodles and garnishments.  We are going to have to make this again!

What do you think?