20210202 to 202102XX / Table Update / Middle Leaf: Drilling Jig & Pin Setup

Table Update: 20210202

202010201 / Table Update / Middle Leaf: Cutting mortices for the tabletop

Table Update: 20210202

Chilling in the basement watching Netflix.

Long and tiring day today. Lisa and I did get out to pick up a used gate-legged table for Carolyn’s room. We purchased it off of Facebook marketplace.

How I feel during the Pandemic

COVID Alone! Lisa and I are feeling a little alone during the 11 months of the COVID pandemic!  I suppose everyone on planet earth is feeling this way. 🙀 It…

Laurie is getting into flying!

Laurie, my sister is getting into droning with a selfie drone. Here is one of her first flights inside her house… https://videos.files.wordpress.com/PIYyZqG4/vid_20210129_121627._hd.mp4 Yes, we all we newbies at some point.…

I am excited for the spring to arrive, but what about smoked pork shoulder in the interim?

Smoked a Pork Shoulder that turn out great!!! Yummy!

This is a great day!!

I am trying to get to the evening to get some down time and to do some work on the table in my workshop.

Spring 2021..

This will be the most anticipated spring in a long time! Well, I suppose going into the 2020 spring had a lot of anxiety associated with it for sure… A…

20210119 / Table Update / Practice Draw Boring & Design Elements

Table Update: 202101019

Fun weekend with Jeff and Tracy Darrow! Love Burt Lake…

Out on the ice…

Started the year FPVing in Albion! (January 2, 2021)

First 2021 flights in Albion.

20201017 / Table Update / Start Dimensioning the Oak Lumber

Table Update: 202101019