Sunroom Table Project

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Table Plan
This is the original plan for the table

Above is the plan for the table that I put together in August.  Hand-drawn and pretty rough.  The layout has changed in my mind, but the idea is still the same.  Namely, the curved sides with a middle insert.  Lisa and I want there to be an anti-racking beam up higher to so that people can put their fee on it while sitting.  The image to the right was the one that Lisa liked the most after viewing hundreds of options.  


The Project

Sun Room Table Project

This post will document the building of the sunroom trestle table.

Ocean and sand

Blown Out!

While practicing the draw boring, I blew out the back side because I offset the tenon hole too much. Learning! Easy glue-up repair.

Sand and ocean

Offset Tenon

This is the tenon on the mortise. The bottom pins are used to hold the tenon. You can see the offset tenon hold that look like dark moon slivers.

Clear water at the beach


I am trying various sized pins to see what is visually pleasing.  I am going with a 3/8″ oak pin.


This project is taking too long….

People who don’t know the difference

I am not lost at this time, I am pondering my next move.

This project may wander, but it will get done. This project is trying to fit with the constraints of life and the pandemic.

Because people are dead, it does not follow that they were stupid.

David Pye

I like to use old school techniques as much as possible. I find that enjoying the craft is much better than getting something done quickly.

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