A drive by Diamond Lake

Have been passing through Cassopolis a couple of times this month and just can resist flying around Diamond Lake.  My brother John drove my car around part of the lake…

March 2021 First FPV

https://youtu.be/t5oTFsa0wR0 First acro flights of the season. The last flight of the 2020 season saw the positive power line from the battery to the flight controller broken. I was not…

Let's Make Some Delicious Limoncello, For It Is Limoncello Time


The Pancake Ice in St. Joseph, MI

https://youtu.be/yng3rqssHsk Jane, Alex, and I took a stroll along the ice-covered pier at St. Joseph, MI. It was very cold and windy, but we still had fun. The drone battery…

Frozen Diamond Lake

Frozen Diamond Lake, Cassopolis, MI

FPV Bucket List

These are FPV experiences that are on my bucket list. I will add content from the experience as I actually experience them.

All in the Family of My Drones

The Chameleon Ti crash on the frozen Independence Lake in 2018

20210202 to 20210214 / Table Update / Middle Leaf: Drilling Jig, Pin Setup, and Draw-Boring

Table Update: 20210202 to 0214/2021

Woodworking Easter Eggs

Easter Eggs are always fun to find, even as adults. It just depends on the type of egg you are finding. 🙂

20210202 to 202102XX / Table Update / Middle Leaf: Drilling Jig & Pin Setup

Table Update: 20210202

202010201 / Table Update / Middle Leaf: Cutting mortices for the tabletop

Table Update: 20210202

How I feel during the Pandemic

COVID Alone! Lisa and I are feeling a little alone during the 11 months of the COVID pandemic!  I suppose everyone on planet earth is feeling this way. 🙀 It…

20210119 / Table Update / Practice Draw Boring & Design Elements

Table Update: 202101019

Fun weekend with Jeff and Tracy Darrow! Love Burt Lake…

Out on the ice…

Started the year FPVing in Albion! (January 2, 2021)

First 2021 flights in Albion.

20201017 / Table Update / Start Dimensioning the Oak Lumber

Table Update: 202101019